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Elsa E. Jones, Child Development Specialist

Elsa E. Jones is a Child Development Specialist with 27 years of broad ranging experience in the field of Early Childhood Development and Education.  Since launching her independent consultancy in 1986, first in Ohio and then throughout the Northeast region, Ms. Jones has led, managed and supported over 200 programs and projects, resulting in improved early childhood programming and services for children and families. Ms. Jones' areas of specialization include birth to five development, intentional teaching, developmentally appropriate curriculum, assessment of child progress, NAEYC accreditation support, respecting and honoring diversity, and strengthening family-staff partnerships.

Ms. Jones currently holds an Assistant Academic Program Manager in Early Childhood position at Post University where she instructs and monitors online courses.  She is currently developing a combined Child Studies and Sociology course:  “Home, School and Community.”  For 13 years, Ms. Jones has worked as an adjunct professor for several Connecticut community colleges. She developed and has instructed the “Family and Community Involvement in Early Childhood Programs” course for the Connecticut Charts-A-Course Directors’ Program Leadership Initiative since 2007. 

From 2010 to 2013, Ms. Jones worked as the Administrator for the Help Me Grow (HMG) National Center of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where she assisted the National team with replicating HMG in 18 states.  (HMG supports the optimal development of at-risk children birth to 8 years by ensuring early detection, early intervention, and families’ linkages to community-based services.)  She co-authored the policy brief titled “Help Me Grow Promotes Optimal Child Development by Enhancing Protective Factors.” 

During the years 2004 to 2010, Ms. Jones served as the Program Associate for the Brighter Futures Initiative of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.  She provided training and technical support to seven neighborhood-based family support centers in Hartford, and worked with municipal and state agencies in designing, proposing and/or implementing school readiness and family support programs and policies.

Ms. Jones began her career as a combined Head Start teacher and center director in Ohio.  Across many states, she has consulted as a Child Development Associate (CDA) advisor, reflective supervision mentor, early literacy coach, and federal Early Head Start/Head Start program reviewer. Her many accomplishments include working as: assistant researcher on two national, longitudinal early childhood studies for the Yale University Bush Center in Child Development and Social Policy (1995 to 2002); assessment/intervention coordinator for the Columbia University Head Start Quality Research Center's five-year project on Using Assessment to Improve School Readiness and Head Start  Program Quality (2001 to 2006); trainer/coach for Connecticut's State Department of Education on the CT Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks; and trainer/coach for the CT Guidelines for the Development of Infant and Toddler Early Learning.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Wellesley College, and a Master of Arts degree from the Tufts University Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development. Ms. Jones is passionate about promoting children’s optimal development, honoring diversity, and ensuring authentic partnerships with families. A mother of a recent college graduate and a college sophomore, she cherishes her role as their lifelong nurturer, educator and advocate.