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Hartbeat Ensemble

Founded in 2001 by Steven Raider-Ginsburg, Julia B. Rosenblatt and Gregory R. Tate (1952-2012), HartBeat Ensemble is a Hartford-based performance company that creates theater productions drawn from contemporary life in Connecticut. The company uses the riches of their own unique play-creation process, which focuses on first-hand accounts and interviews, to extend the boundaries of theater. Through Mainstage Plays and Education Programs, HartBeat develops theater works that are accessible beyond the barriers of class, race, geography and gender.

HartBeat Ensemble’s Mainstage Plays are original full-length works that tell extraordinary stories of ordinary people. The Ensemble’s work is drawn from styles ranging from commedia del arte to hip-hop theater to realism. Previous productions include: Graves (2001), News to Me (2004); Ebeneeza– A Hartford Holiday Carol (2006); The Pueblo  (2007); Rich Clown, Poor Clown, Beggar Clown, Thief (2008); Flipside (2011); Riding the Turnpike (2013).

HartBeat’s Education Programs, inspired by Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, explore ways to alter situations, external or internal, which adversely affect our lives.  Through conflict resolution workshops and play-building residencies, participants learn to express their joy and air their grievances creatively. The Ensemble’s core education programs are the Youth Play Institute (YPI), Startin’ Drama (School Climate), and Arts-Based Curriculum Integration (ABCi).