Our 25th Anniversary Kicks Off in Waterbury

We kicked off the first of our regional events on Thursday, July 12 in Waterbury with an intimate group of friends and supporters who were able to partake in a storytelling session that will define the theme of our 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Over the course of the rest of the year, we’re collecting stories from our grantees, partners, and supports to highlight where the Memorial Fund has gone and, in some ways, save space for critical thinking about where we’re going. 

Waterbury’s event, which was hosted at The Art of Yum on Grand Street, featured a meet and greet, personal interviews and a portrait sessions to ensure each story collected includes an image of the story tell.

“This is where the juice is,” – David Addams, Executive Director of the Memorial Fund. 

“These regional events give us the opportunity to continue the dialogue that really started 25 years ago. The stories collected during todays event, and over the last 25 years, really help guide and shape the direction of the Fund.”

Our hope and intention is to co-create a space where attendees help us reflect on the various perspectives and events that have shaped our work over the last 25 years. And in the spirit of co-creation, we kicked off the event with a affirmation circle, to welcome guests and allow them to introduce themselves. Watch the brief video below for more.

We understand what a milestone 25 years is – to us and to the various communities around the state that have joined us for the ride. We’ve been witness to the successes and hardships experienced by our grantees and supporters throughout the year and we know that true sustainable growth can only happen through intense reflection and a willingness to listen and change. The Waterbury event, in a way, modeled our commitment to growth both internally and in the community. 

As we continue celebrating throughout the year in various communities, we invite you to join us, share your stories and help us co-create the collaborative and equitable future we all envision.

See the party through our live tweets and follow us at @WCGMemorialFund.