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Linnet E. Carty, Consultant and Producer, State Education Resource Center

Linnet Carty is a Consultant at SERC, specializing in two Initiative, Families and Diversity. Since 2006 she has provided training and technical assistance to educators, administrators, community members and internally at SERC. Linnet is also responsible for producing educational videos across initiatives including the Early Childhood DVD, “Preschool Experiences in Early Language and Literacy, Birth to Three, and Guidelines for Identifying Children with Learning Disabilities.” Her career includes being an elementary school teacher, an adult education instructor, an adjunct professor and Senior Director for 9 Family Resource Centers.

Linnet provides technical assistance and training with a focus on systems change in the area of diversity, to support educators by raising their consciousness level and build their capacity in anti-racist and anti-biased leadership practices. Her area of strength is in the intersection of Diversity in Education and Families and how to create a culturally responsive curriculum for children of color and English language learners and build positive relationships and partnerships between educators and families in order to achieve maximum student success for all children. Linnet is a television host and newspaper columnist and she is also the Producer and Host for the SERC Television program that highlights educational initiatives. She received her BA from the University of Connecticut and her MBA from Western New England University.