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Looking for Answers Together

Posted May 6, 2013

All of us care for our families, and we grapple with parenting issues daily. The challenge we face is how to make decisions together about these concerns. As parents, business owners, local government officials, neighbors, grandparents, educators, health-care providers, and people from faith communities, we all need to think about parenting and how to support parents in the most challenging work of raising children.

This issue guide, developed in partnership with parents from Discovery communities, the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund, the Institute for Translational Research at the University of Hartford , and the Kettering Foundation, is designed for community members to talk together about how to support parents. It provides a framework for public deliberation and it outlines three options—three different ways of looking at the issue—along with possible actions and their drawbacks.

Community Conversations about Education has supported Connecticut communities since 1993. Original support materials, created in partnership with Public Agenda and the Institute for Educational Leadership, have been adapted over time to respond to community needs.

These current support materials were designed specifically to be used with the Issue Guide, Looking for Answers Together: How Should We Nurture Children to Be Healthy and Make Better Choices? A learning partnership with the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund, the  Parent Information Inquiry Initiative (Parentii)  of the  Institute for Translational Research at the University of Hartford , and the  Kettering Foundation  supported the recent modifications. 

Community Planning Guide

Moderator Guide