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Each week the Memorial Fund sends an electronic newsletter to the members of the Discovery listserv to highlight important and timely events, research, news and Discovery success stories. The listserv is limited to Discovery collaborative members, but the weekly digest messages are archived here and available for download. If you are a member of a Discovery collaborative and would like to sign up for the Discovery listserv to post an event, ask a question, start a conversation or monitor the discussion among other Discovery communities, please contact Donna Studdiford.

  • CHDI Announces New Initiative to Help Young Children Experiencing Trauma
  • Link to WNPR "Where We Live" Child Care Discussion
  • Social Justice and Equity: Making a Difference Together Conference
  • OEC Creating FAQ on Care4Kids
  • HAEYC Annual Bus Tour
  • Public Agenda Resources on Deepening Public Participation
  • CT Voices Webinar: Equitable Education in CT and the CCJEF Case
  • CHDI Issue Brief - Addressing Child Development Concerns Early
  • Jessica Sager OpEd in Education Week
  • Implicit Bias in Preschool: A Research Study Brief
  • Transforming White Privilege Webinar
  • About CHDI
  • EC Networking Website
  • CT Voices Brief on American Community Survey 2016 Data
  • The State of Childhood Obesity Website
  • Presentation on Early Childhood Infrastructure
  • The Diaper Bank Hosts "Rock Your Baby"
  • New Census Poverty Data Released
  • Working Cities Challenge Grant Competition
  • Jessica Sager, All Our Kin Featured in Time
  • CT Voices Releases The State of Working Connecticut
  • Connecticut Parent Power Hosts Annual Gala
  • Amid Rising Inequality, One School Gap Is Narrowing
  • CT Parent Power Gala
  • Parent Leadership Training 2016-2017 RFP
  • Schott Foundation Webinar Series: Addressing Classroom Bias to Improve Learning
  • Parent Engagement Tool
  • Connecticut Parent Power Hosts Annual Gala


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