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The Connecticut Birth to Three System has released...   More »
Posted November 19, 2014
The Census Bureau is offering a webinar on December 1, 2014 from 1:00 to 2:00pm ET to help access and use...   More »
Posted November 19, 2014
On Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm, New America will host an event to release and discuss...   More »
Posted November 6, 2014
The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, United Way of Connecticut, and other agencies committed to the...   More »
Posted November 3, 2014
Connecticut Voices for Children is hosting its 4th Annual Youth at the Capitol event on Monday December 8,...   More »
Posted October 29, 2014
The Connecticut Commission on Children and The Connecticut Association for Human Services are hosting "...   More »
Posted October 29, 2014
The Raising of America brings to life recent...   More »
Posted October 21, 2014
If you haven’t already registered for this year’s conference: Parent Voices: From Listening To Action...   More »
Posted September 24, 2014
The Commission on Children, The CT Center for School Change, and UConn Extension Services are hosting the...   More »
Posted September 10, 2014
CT Voices for Children has released the annual “State of Working Connecticut 2014” report, which examined...   More »
Posted September 4, 2014
"We Vote for Kids" is a project of the CT Early Childhood...   More »
Posted September 4, 2014
This year, the Alliance is presenting Children's Champions to legislators in their districts. There are...   More »
Posted August 20, 2014
Waterbury Bridge to Success (BTS) completed a rigorous...   More »
Posted July 23, 2014
The Connecticut Data Collaborative has compiled a...   More »
Posted July 23, 2014
The Office of Early Childhood’s summer newsletter is available...   More »
Posted July 1, 2014


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