WCGMF Discovery

Capacity-Building Partners

Capacity-building is a key component of the initiative and includes one-on-one supports to the communities, as well as regional and statewide convenings on topics of interest. Support to the communities is also provided through the development of self-assessment and planning tools and the Discovery listserv.

The capacity building approach supports the development of community capacities to:

  • Create and sustain a community-wide agenda to improve early school success
  • Collect, share and utilize data
  • Cultivate and engage parents
  • Organize and mobilize diverse constituencies for strategic purposes
  • Apply knowledge of child development to practice and policy decisions
  • Leverage resources
  • Manage and lead a community change process

The Charter Oak Group LLC - provides a results based accountability (RBA) institute to help communities start their planning with the end results in mind, use indicators to report on how well the community is doing, and ensure that the community-wide strategies directly address the causes contributing to poor outcomes.

Community Liaisons - support communities as a critical friend and reinforce community decision making, RBA and facilitative leadership capacity building. Liaisons are also available to their community for approved onsite TA as requested.

Everyday Democracy - works with local communities, providing advice and training and flexible how-to resources on issues such as: racial equity, poverty reduction and economic development, education reform, early childhood development and building strong neighborhoods. Everyday Democracy institutes have provided Discovery community participants with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the effects of poverty and structural racism on young children and their families and the capacity to support community change efforts.

Interaction Institute for Social Change - provides training in Facilitative Leadership, which presents the latest developments in leadership theory and practice, compelling both formal and informal leaders to view leadership as service, respect the value and diversity that each person brings, and share decision–making.  

Niyonu Spann Associates - provides training, workshops and system-wide interventions that focus on identifying an organization’s essential mission and aligning its people, activities and culture with that mission. Current projects include: Co-Creating Effective & Inclusive Organizations (CEIO), a project “to support New Haven community movements and organizations in building internal practices and external interactions that are co-creative, that embody social and economic justice and that increase effectiveness;” and Beyond Diversity 101, “intensive workshops that expose, stimulate and transform the dynamics of diversity at the root level.”  

Other Support - includes topic-specific best practice/peer learning sessions and the services of Memorial Fund statewide partners.