WCGMF Discovery

The Memorial Fund partners with researchers committed to contributing to the educational success of Connecticut’s children from all racial and economic backgrounds.  The Memorial Fund works to build a scholarly network across the state of Connecticut focused on advancing research, teaching and service that benefits Connecticut’s children.  The Memorial Fund involves scholars nationally that contribute to our understanding of key topics and engage methodologies that support quality research activities in the state. 

Types of partnerships include basic, applied and action research contracts for specific studies that help us to learn more about local and statewide efforts to nurture Connecticut’s children; assessment studies that help us to better understand the contribution of initiatives to educational success across the state; exchanges with faculty and students to share learning; internships and fellowships for emerging scholars; work with faculty and students as part of applied classroom projects; and collaboration in contributing to journals, books and conference presentations to share what we are learning. 

The Memorial Fund encourages research partners to explore creative approaches to research design and experiment with various forms of engagement with educational stakeholders including collaborating with parents and communities in research projects.