WCGMF Discovery

The statewide Age 3 to Grade 3 leadership team includes representatives from the Office of Early ChildhoodEASTCONNCT Association of Schools, local school districts, and the Memorial Fund. The team created the Age 3 to Grade 3 institute to align practices and improve learning for children in preschool through 3rd grade.

The goals of the institute are to:

  1. Increase alignment within and across community and school district early childhood programs;
  2. Improve effective instructional practice, instructional coherence, and meaningful learning in community and school district programs and grades, prek-3rd grade;
  3. Build capacity and sustainability by creating partnerships between the community and school district in order to develop common language and goals, prek-3rd grade; and
  4. Assist in leveraging resources to build a continuum of high quality early learning environments.