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Hamden’s Partnership for Young Children is focused on improving outcomes for Hamden's young children and their families. More

Hamden’s Partnership for Young Children is focused on improving outcomes for Hamden's young children and their families.  A collaborative of public and private organizations and agencies along with community members interested in supporting children's development, the Partnership started as Hamden's School Readiness Council, but changed its name and adjusted its focus as we got further into the "Discovery" process.  Over the years some elements of the Partnership have stayed the same, but there is a constant thread of  change and growth as the group evolves, relationships are built and the issues involved are better understood.

With funding and support from the Graustein Memorial Fund, the Partnership has been involved in the early childhood community in a variety of ways and has been working to identify the needs of families and service providers,  resources that can be shared and areas for collaboration.  From 4/2010 to 4/2012 the major focus of the Partnership through the Discovery grant is the development of an early childhood plan which will help direct all involved as priorities , common goals and measures are established.  The Discovery goals continue to drive our work:   • Expand the supply of high quality early care and education • Improve the quality of existing early care and education • Build strong connections between early care and elementary education • Improve students; social, emotional and academic performance.  But there is now a greater effort underway to identify and measure specific indicators and focus on those strategies which are most likely to have the greatest impact.

With a grant from United Way and support from the Hamden Public Schools, Hamden's Partnership for Young Children also provides directly or collaborates with others to provide activities which support families and service providers. To read more about our activities, see the document Hamden’s Partnership for Young Children Activities in the sidebar.

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Plan Implementation

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All of Hamden's Young Children, from Birth on, are Healthy, Safe, and Successful Learners.

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Tricia Godfrey
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