WCGMF Discovery

Community Partners

Community partners of the Discovery initiative are located in 53 municipalities throughout Connecticut. In these cities and towns, Discovery communities establish a collaborative structure for inclusive local decision making in which parents are engaged as full partners. Members of the local collaborative table have access to an array of capacity building resources to support them in the development of a local early childhood plan. Through this process, community members develop the capacity to measure progress and identify the necessary stakeholders that must be engaged to ensure school success for every child.

Community Matrix

Community Name Grant Option Population DRGsort descending District Designation
West Hartford Plan Implementation 63,157 B Competitive
Greenwich Early Childhood Project 61,428 B Competitive
Granby Early Childhood Project 11,243 B Not Applicable
Mansfield Plan Implementation 26,182 C Competitive
Shelton Early Childhood Project 39,641 D Competitive
Southington Plan Implementation 43,069 D Not Applicable
Wallingford Plan Enhancement 45,047 D Not Applicable
Branford Plan Implementation 27,988 D Competitive
Windsor Plan Enhancement 29,067 D Competitive/Alliance
Colchester Plan Implementation 16,044 D Competitive
Milford Early Childhood Project 51,115 D Competitive
Wethersfield Plan Implementation 26,670 D Not Applicable
Ashford Early Childhood Project 4,306 E Competitive
Chaplin Plan Implementation 2,412 E Competitive
Coventry Plan Implementation 12,445 E Competitive
Lisbon Early Childhood Project 4,333 E Competitive
Thomaston Early Childhood Project 7,865 E Competitive
Plymouth Plan Implementation 12,193 F Competitive
Stafford Plan Implementation 12,058 F Competitive
Thompson Early Childhood Project 9,429 F Competitive
Enfield Plan Implementation 44,699 F Competitive
Griswold Plan Implementation 11,907 F Competitive
Naugatuck Plan Implementation 31,795 G Competitive/Alliance
Stratford Early Childhood Project 51,440 G Competitive
Torrington Plan Implementation 36,239 G Competitive
Vernon Plan Implementation 29,188 G Competitive/Alliance
Bloomfield Plan Enhancement 20,470 G Priority/Alliance
Bristol Plan Implementation 60,502 G Priority/Alliance
Winchester Plan Implementation 11,189 G Competitive/Alliance
East Haven Early Childhood Project 29,188 G Competitive/Alliance
Putnam Plan Implementation 9,562 G Priority/Alliance
Plainfield Plan Implementation 15,358 G Competitive
Groton Plan Implementation 40,079 G Competitive
Hamden Plan Implementation 60,735 G Competitive/Alliance
Killingly Plan Implementation 17,345 G Competitive/Alliance
Manchester Plan Implementation 58,078 G Competitive/Alliance
Middletown Plan Implementation 47,530 G Priority/Alliance
Norwich Plan Implementation 40,322 H Priority/Alliance
Norwalk Plan Implementation 85,853 H Priority/Alliance
Stamford Plan Enhancement 122,643 H Priority/Alliance
Ansonia Plan Implementation 19,188 H Priority/Alliance
West Haven Plan Development 55,386 H Priority/Alliance
Danbury Plan Implementation 81,057 H Priority/Alliance
East Hartford Plan Implementation 51,171 H Priority/Alliance
Derby Plan Implementation 12,858 H Competitive/Alliance
Meriden Plan Implementation 60,674 H Priority/Alliance
New Britain Plan Implementation 73,122 I Priority/Alliance
New Haven Plan Implementation 129,898 I Priority/Alliance
New London Plan Enhancement 27,613 I Priority/Alliance
Waterbury Plan Implementation 110,074 I Priority/Alliance
Bridgeport Plan Implementation 144,446 I Priority/Alliance
Windham Early Childhood Project 25,178 I Priority/Alliance
Hartford Plan Implementation 124,879 I Priority/Alliance


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