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Connecticut Voices for Children is a research-based public education and advocacy organization that works statewide to promote the well-being of Connecticut's children, youth and families by advocating for strategic public investments and wise public policies. Connecticut Voices for Children advances its mission through high quality research and analysis, strategic communications, citizen education, and development of the next generation of advocates.

Voices Agenda for the Next Millennium:

  • Reduce child poverty through innovative income and asset building strategies
  • Assure that all Connecticut's students have the skills to thrive in the world economy of the 21st century
  • Foster statewide investments in our children and the hard-working families who raise them
  • Encourage wise up-front investments to reduce the health and safety risks facing our children, while meeting the multiple needs of our state's most vulnerable youngsters
  • Assure that state revenues are adequate, stable, and equitably raised and appropriated
  • Continue to build a statewide chorus of informed citizen voices, speaking up for all of Connecticut's children.
  • Nurture the next generation of citizen advocates, by helping our youth build their research and advocacy skills and find their own voice.