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Philip Tegeler, Executive Director, Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Philip Tegeler is the Executive Director of Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC), a civil rights policy organization based in Washington, DC.  PRRAC’s mission is to promote research-based advocacy on structural inequality issues, with a specific focus on the causes and consequences of housing and school segregation.  Mr. Tegeler has written and edited a number of articles and reports on federal housing and education policy, including Finding Common Ground: Coordinating Housing and Education Policy to Promote Integration (PRRAC, 2011) and “The Future of Race Conscious Goals in National Housing Policy,” in Public Housing Transformation: Confronting the Legacy of Segregation (The Urban Institute Press).  Before coming to PRRAC, Phil was a staff attorney and legal director at the Connecticut ACLU and was also on the clinical faulty at the University of Connecticut Law School. He is a graduate of the Columbia Law School.