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Quality Care & Education

National studies show that high quality early care and education makes a significant positive difference both for the children themselves and for the society at large.  Children with a high quality preschool experience are more successful in school and later in life.  Unfortunately, in spite of this knowledge, access to high quality early childhood programs continues to be out of reach for many Connecticut families.

To support children’s success in school, Connecticut must expand availability and access to high quality early care and education for children ages birth to 5.  We also need a system that helps parents to recognize high quality care and supports providers in improving all aspects of a successful program.

Working with family child care providers, All Our Kin increases the number and quality of child care choices available to families, giving young children the early learning experiences that will prepare them for success in school and in life. Through All Our Kin's child development classes, workshops, and hands-on educational program visits, family child care providers gain a greater knowledge of child development, and learn new strategies for supporting children and families. Providers become part of a wider professional community, with access to resources, information, and ongoing support. And most important, providers build high-quality caring, consistent and nurturing relationships with infants and toddlers that last a lifetime.