WCGMF Discovery

Sonja Ahuja, Discovery Community Liaison

Sonja Ahuja is a consultant and trainer with over 25 years of experience with non-profit organizations, specializing in organizational development, strategic planning and institutional change initiatives.  Sonja integrates tools from interpersonal communication and team building, along with dialogue and diversity training to help organizations achieve results with diverse staff and clientele. Sonja is frequently called upon to design and facilitate group planning and decision-making processes.  She is experienced in convening leading large group problem solving sessions using Open Space Technology and World Café models. As Community Liaison in the state-wide “Discovery” initiative, Sonja Ahuja supports local decision-making collaboratives in several Connecticut communities working to improve school success for all children.   As a Capacity Building and Training Partner for Co-creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations (CEIO) in New Haven, Sonja works with community based organizations to achieve their transformational goals.Sonja earned her MBA in Management and Organization from the University of Connecticut, Storrs and her BSEd from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.