WCGMF Discovery

Discovery helps communities and grantees to learn from their work and to share their lessons with others working on early childhood issues. One goal is to equip parents, teachers, providers, collaboratives, communities, and advocacy organizations with the skills and tools to use stories, data and measurement to call attention to what matters to them, to tell the stories behind the data, and to include the voices of those most affected by the issues. Effective use of storytelling and data also supports public accountability, planning, program improvement, and policy direction. 

We have all heard, “Knowledge is power."  A less well understood aspect of this truism is that both knowledge and power come through storytelling.  Understanding experiences by naming and sharing them can shape individual lives and communities.


Discovery Stories

Compelling stories have the power to improve children's lives by inspiring, sharing experience, and moving people to action. Discovery partners share their stories and invite you to share yours.

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