Who can I contact to ask questions about the application? 

Email your questions to: appquestion@wcgmf.org or reach out to our Grant Manager Rachel at (203) 230-3330

Is this Grant opportunity for existing grantees too, or just new grantees? 

This grant opportunity is for both new and existing grantees.  We will have two rounds of funding in 2019. As per our Guidelines, current grantees that have a “Continuation Grant” will have an  opportunity to apply during the second round beginning in July 2019 for decision in December 2019.

Do applicants have to meet all or some of the criteria to qualify? 

Applicants do not have to meet all of the criteria under the program area selected to be eligible for a grant. However, the ability to clearly demonstrate that multiple criteria are met is likely to strengthen the application. That said, strong evidence for some criteria is likely to be viewed more favorably than weaker evidence for all criteria.

Since the Memorial Fund has not provided funding ranges, how should I calculate the request amount? 

Applicants can consider the following in completing the Formal Inquiry’s request amount:

A.    What is the total cost of the work?

B.    What funds have been committed or secured from other sources?

C.    How much is still needed?

D.    What portion of the funds will be requested from the Memorial Fund?

E.    If  awarded less than the full amount request, can the work still be carried out?


NOTE 1: Typically grant awards have ranged from $20,000 to $100,000 and higher in exceptional cases.

NOTE 2: If an applicant is invited to an interview, we will have a conversation about the range of funding that can be requested at that time.

If you do not receive an award this year, does it disqualify you from future opportunities? 

Applicants may re-apply in future funding rounds.  However, our Funding Guidelines are not likely to change substantially from year-to-year.

If we are a statewide organization how should we apply? 

We encourage all groups to look at the Program Focus Areas and apply for the area that best captures the core of their work. Also, it is important to distinguish broad statewide work from community-based work being done in multiple locations.  If you are doing broad statewide work, it will be critical to clearly describe how local community is already involved.

How long are the grant periods? 

Grants will be awarded for a 12 month period.  

Does the Graustein Memorial Fund accept multi-year proposals? 

This is a one-year grant. At this time, the Memorial fund does not offer multi-year grants.

What are the reporting requirements for this grant? 

The reporting requirement will include semi-annual fiscal reporting as well as an in-person and written report (format to be determined).

Are there still funding opportunities availble?  

Our Program Focus Areas funding has closed for 2019.  We will update the site when more information about our next cycles is available.  Please also check out our Additional Grant & Support Opportunities. 

We have another developing project that fits into the other two program focus areas. May we submit two applications or are we limited to one? 

Applicants with multiple concurrent projects should submit a single, consolidated application and choose the Program Focus Area that most closely encompasses the collective work.